What a staggering show of defiance by FIFA President Sepp Blatter who has shrugged off the crisis surrounding his governing body at a remarkable press conference in Zurich.

And how sad that this FIFA farce should take the spotlight away from the Champions League Final that represented everything good about The Beautiful Game.

Blatter has dismissed all allegations of corruption from all quarters including his own vice President Jack Warner who says “Blatter must be stopped”

Like all dictators Blatter refuses to accept criticism. He insists his organisation is “not in crisis just facing difficulties” and dismisses all allegations of corruption.

Despite growing calls for him to resign and corruption allegations over the vote that awarded Qatar the 2022 World Cup, Blatter is determined he will be reappointed FIFA President for another four years on Wednesday (June 1).

It will take a revolution within FIFA to stop Blatter extending his 14 years in power. And sadly that is unlikely to happen despite Warner’s opposition.

Blatter says he is good for the game. But ask anyone outside FIFA and you would struggle to fill a small room who agree with him.

The truth is the FIFA President has brought The Beautiful Game into disrepute. And the time has come for Blatter and his chronies to step aside or for a new governing body to take control of the world game.