Football legend Denis Law talks to filmmaker John Gubba in a special interview filmed at Old Trafford before he went to Buckingham Palace to collect his CBE. The King of the Stretford End talks about how the game has changed since he finished playing in the 1970s, explains why he always knew Wayne Rooney would become a record breaker for Manchester United and England, and gives his thoughts on how football will inevitably turn to technology because referees make too many mistakes.

Part 1: Denis talks about how he always knew Wayne Rooney would break records and why all the world’s top players want to play in the Premier League

Part 2: The Lawman says referees need to stick to the rules and admits he would be sent off every other week in today’s game where players get away with shirt pulling

Part 3: Why TV cameras must be used to officiate the game and how all matches will rely on technology in years to come.

Part 4: The pride of being awarded the CBE.