When I met David Weir after he won his first race at the Olympic Stadium before London 2012 got under way, it was clear that this was a sporting superstar ready to claim the recognition of a much wider audience.

To watch the multi-talented 33-year-old make it four Gold medals at the Paralympics and match Sarah Storey as Team GB’s most successful athlete, has been breathtaking. The unprecedented adulation of the Great British public for Weir and his team-mates is overwhelming – and rightly so.

After adding the T54 marathon to his triumphs at 5,000m, 1500m and 800m, Weir summed it up perfectly when he said: “I had to be in super-human state to win four and I’ve done it.”

Weir, Storey and the great paralympians who have thrilled a global audience over the past 11 days truly are superhamn. There is no other word for it and the way their guts, determination and remarkable skills have been showcased to the world has been absolutely brilliant.


David Weir and his superhuman teammates deserve global recognition