Super Heavyweight Anthony Joshua is predicting great things for Team GB’s boxers at London 2012 – but it’s the charismatic Finchley fighter who could be one of our biggest winners.

I’m not just talking about medals. Joshua – one of our great hopes in a team of 10 outstanding men and women – has all the ingredients to go right to the top of his sport.

Star quality: Finchley fighter can reach for the stars

But this is a young man with much much than boxing skills to win the support of the public. His engaging personality looks destined to make him one of Britain’s most popular sportsmen.

In sharp contrast to so many of the stereotypical arrogant pros who get carried away with all the pre-fight hype, Joshua is a genuine nice guy with poster boy looks and a refreshing honesty.

When I asked him about the lure of becoming rich and famous, he countered: “Boxing’s not about being a superstar. It’s about fighting and winning. That’s what it’s about for me. I just wanna win.”


Anthony Joshua: Super Heavyweight
Anthony Joshua: Super Heavyweight. Copyright: visionsport

Team GB boxers at London 2012:

Men: Anthony Joshua (super-heavyweight), Anthony Ogogo (middleweight), Andrew Selby (flyweight), Luke Campbell (bantamweight), Josh Taylor (lightweight), Thomas Stalker (light-welterweight), Fred Evans (welterweight).
Women: Nicola Adams (flyweight), Natasha Jonas (lightweight), Savannah Marshall (middleweight).