Not only is Robins Cousins a truly inspirational ambassador for London 2012, he’s a great judge. And I’m not just talking about his new found fame on ITV’s hit TV show Dancing on Ice. The Gold medallist at the 1980 Winter Olympics is championing the star quality of our women’s synchronised swimming team.

After years of being underestimated by the public, our synchro girls are finally winning the respect they deserve for making great strides in a sport which I believe is one of the most difficult team events of any sport at the Olympics.

Poster girl Randall determined to win hearts of nation

As poster girl Jenna Randall proclaims: “I’ve always said since I was very young, my goal in life in my synchro career is to get our sport more well know with the British public and I think having the Olympics in this country this year has been fantastic.”

Having Cousins on board as an ambassador and technical adviser has also been a master stroke of good fortune for the synchro girls and the legendary ice dancer is so captivated by the sport he is convinced the British girls are destined to make a big splash at London 2012.

“It’s been eye-opening from many aspects for me and I think it’s going to be a lot of people’s guilty pleasure at the Games.”

Adds Cousins: “It’s one of those lesser known sports that’s going to get a lot of attention. A lot of kids are going to realise I only need to have a swimming pool. I can actually do some of those moves in the bath (and) have fun.”


 Cousins helped synchro girls adapt ice dance moves