Forget the pathetic jibes from the media who couldn’t resist a cheap headline opportunity when some critics labelled the official Team GB Olympic kit “too blue” and claimed athletes were “seeing red” over the design.

It was predictable that certain so-called experts would be queuing up to find fault with the outfits designed by Stella McCartney. But claims that “there has been an outraged reaction from many observers” – as one media website claimed – is ridiculous in the extreme.

The truth is the Adidas uniforms, unveiled at a fashion show in London on Thursday, have been greeted with universal praise by the elite athletes who have tried the kit on, including Sir Chris Hoy who says: “I think the kit looks fantastic.” The Olympic champion has no doubt adding: “It is really classy.”

As style gurus Vogue observed: “Never has sportwear looked so chic.”

To those misguided souls who can’t get over the blinkered view that less red in the design is a snub to the English my message is simple: Stella McCartney has created an iconic range of outfits that will be the envy of the world at London 2012. And it will look even greater when our athletes make us proud with medal-winning performances to match.