Amir Khan is taking no prisoners in his campaign to expose dodgy scoring of his world title defeat against Lamont Peterson in Washington DC last month – and an impressive barrage of tweets has well and truly put the boxing authorities on the ropes.

Any suggestions that Khan is being a bad loser have been ferociously knocked out of the ring by the former WBA and IBF world champion. And it is time for the boxing authorities to defend their sport and come clean by answering Khan’s questions.

The 24 year old British fighter is demanding to know the identity of a mystery man at ringside who appeared to get hold of a scorecard that should have been passed directly to the fight supervisor, a clear breach of boxing rules.

 video shows Mystery man grabbing scorecard

Khan – who insists he was robbed at the Washington Convention Centre after he had two points deducted against Peterson – wants fight commissioner Michael Walsh, who has not been seen since the end of the fight, to come out and clear up the mess.

In one of boxing’s most fascinating controversies for many years, Khan has released a stream of fight clips claiming they back up his belief something is not right with the scoring. And his Twitter campaign has sparked massive support for his case to be examined.

Boxing does not often grab the headlines these days. But this is a story that could turn out to be one of the sport’s most controversial ever. It is already boxing’s biggest ever fightback on Twitter.


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