Football fans can be the most fickle race on earth – but the morons who vilify Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean are not fit to lace their manager’s boots.

It is reassuring to hear the Premier League’s top managers criticise the undignified mob who are bringing shame on the Ewood Park club. And the way Kean has handled himself in the face of unprecedented abuse is quite remarkable.

Rovers are bottom of the League and it has been downhill ever since new Indian-based owners the Venky’s takeover last year when they axed Sam Allardyce and appointed Kean. But there is no excuse for the sheer malice directed at the Glasgwegianwho is winning admiration from real supporters outside Blackburn for the way he hs kept his dignity.

Everton boss David Moyes – the most vocal supporter of Kean after witnessing the abuse first hand during the 2-1 defeat by fellow strugglers Bolton on Tuesday night – spoke for many when he said: “I thought it was disgusting. I couldn’t believe the criticism they gave their manager. Steve Kean stood on the touchline and took it all. He was brave and man enough to do that. I just felt if they had supported their team instead they might have got a result and I left at half-time because I was so disgusted.

Sir Alex Ferguson, ahead of Manchester United’s date with Rovers on New Year’s Eve, also criticised the level of criticsm for Kean when he said: “I have never seen anything as bad as that. l feel for the lad. I tried to phone him, but he probably quite rightly had his phone switched off. For goodness sake, give the lad a break. It doesn’t say a lot for our society.”


Steve Kean has remained dignified in face of terrible abuse