You have got to admire Owen Hargreaves for the way he is still fighting to prove he’s fit to carry on playing at the top level, after being released by Manchester United following a crippling knee injury that plagued his nightmare four-year stint at Old Trafford.

The 30-year-old former England star – realesed by United in May – is posting daily videos on YouTube in a dramatic attempt to prove he has overcome the injury nightmare that cut short his career. The clips show Hargreaves doing a series of conditioning and strengthening exercises that put pressure on his right knee in an attempt to prove he is not suffering any lasting effects from tendinitis.

The Canadian-born midfielder – one of England’s strongest players at the 2006 World Cup  –  won four German titles and a Champions League winners’ medal at Bayern Munich, before signing for United for £17 million and then only making 39 appearances for the Premier League champions.

Hargreaves was famous for his amazing energy levels and battling qualities as a player at the highest level. And, like anyone with an ounce of compassion, I would love to see him make a successful comeback. If he pulls it off they should turn it into a movie because it will be football’s real-life version of Rocky.


. . . Owen Hargreaves posting daily fitness videos on YouTube in a brave attempt to prove he has recovered from his crippling knee injury.