The Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final is so special because it has a unique history of producing sporting fairytales with a more compelling script than even the best writers could ever imagine.

Watching the world’s new No.1 Novak Djokovic conquer defending champion Rafa Nadal in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final was to witness another crowning glory to a moving story that began when a 12 year-old Serbian left home to live in Germany for two years in pursuit of his dream.

Claiming his life-time ambition in stunning fashion over four sets – 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3 – it was 24 year-old Djokovic’s 50th win in 51 matches and his fifth win over Nadal this year.

But it was the human story of the sport’s new force achieving his dream in front of his family and loved ones in what has become a golden age for tennis that made this so special.

There was certainly no mistaking how much it meant to the proud Serbian when he told the watching world and the 15,000 fans on Centre Court: “It’s really hard to describe with any words except that it’s the best day of my life, the most special day of my life.

“This is my favourite tournament. I always dreamed of winning the first tournament I watched in my life. I think I am still sleeping and having my dream.

“When you’re playing the best player in the world, Rafa Nadal, who has won two of the last three Wimbledons, he has always been winning the big matches against me in the Grand Slams and I had to be on top of my game today.

“I probably played my best match ever on the grass-court and I want to congratulate him for having a great tournament.”

Every great hero needs a beat someone special to measure his greatness and in Rafa Nadal the new Wimbledon champion has beaten one of the all-time greats on the biggest stage in tennis.