MICHAEL JACKSON was the King of Pop and many of us will love his music forever – but to put his statue outside Fulham’s Craven Cottage is a joke.

Jacko famously went there ONCE to watch Fulham beat Wigan 2-0. But do me a favour! This is an embarrassment for the fans of a club that has been graced by many famous players who could have been immortalised with a lasting tribute at the Cottage.

Mohamed Al Fayed commissioned the statue of his friend with the intention of putting it outside the Harrods department store. Now Al Fayed, who subsequently sold Harrods, has decided he will unveil it outside his Fulham football ground at midday on April 3.

There is no argument that Al Fayed is spot on when he says: “Michael Jackson was truly a legend, a term used too often in this modern world saturated in the hyperbole surrounding celebrity.”

But a statue at Craven Cottage? As Wacko Jacko would have said: “That’s Bad!”

Funny footnote: Asked if he was a fan of Michael Jackson, Fulham manager Mark Hughes said ‘Yes, I’m a fan.” But when the cheeky interviewer quickly asked him to name his favourite Jacko song the red-faced Hughes had to confess: “Haven’t a clue.”

Jacko statue to be unveiled at Craven Cottage – now that’s Bad