LORD SUGAR showed his true colours this week – he is a bad loser. And he finds it impossible to admit when he is wrong.

West Ham beat Spurs hands down in the bidding war to move into the Olympic Stadium for two simple reasons.

First and foremost, the Hammers have pledged to keep the running track, while Spurs wanted to bulldoze the stadium and build a purpose built football one.

That alone was a deal breaker for the Tottenham bid because Lord Coe and his London 2012 team promised the world athletics would remain.

Former Tottenham chairman Sugar – blinded by his club loyalty and embarrassment at being outmanoeuvred by Apprentice aide Karren Brady – has made the schoolboy error of failing to read the brief.

Imagine how Sugar the bully would slaughter any Apprentice in his boardroom if they made a similar mistake.

Just as significant is the location. It will be a wrench for West Ham to leave their spiritual home at Upton Park. But Stratford is local for the Hammers.

For Tottenham the move East from North London would have been a disgrace. Not quite on a par with Wimbledon relocating to MK Dons – but equally wrong.

Sugar arrogantly announces West Ham owners David Gold and David Sullivan have got it hopelessly wrong and the figures do not add up. And he insists we will all look back in four years time and admit he was right all the time because Tottenham should have been given the keys to the stadium.

But wake up and smell the coffee Sugar. Your Apprentice has been hired. Not only is Karren Brady on the right track, it’s also about Location, Location, Location.