Karren Brady is lucky she is working for a couple of clowns called David at West Ham – and not her Apprentice boss Lord Sugar.

The way the 2-day a week vice-chairman is running the club is both a disgrace and a farce. The way I see it Brady is the one who should be told “you’re fired” and not Israeli whipping boy Avram Grant.

Poor Grant has done amazingly well to retain his dignity, while the lunatics running the asylum have made the Hammers a laughing stock.

 Avram Grant hammered

Does anyone remember how Brady condescendingly told us only weak clubs are panicked into sacking their manager?

There is no point in the Brady bunch now denying they’ve been openly looking for a replacement for Grant.

The bottom line is that Martin O’Neill, and every other self-respecting manager thinking clearly, will turn down the opportunity to take the job.

Not just because the club is morally bankrupt – the Hammers simply can’t afford to bring in the players they need to stay in the Premier League.

If Grant survives and achieves the impossible, it will be one of the Greatest Escapes ever.